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Seguridad Social

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This is the Spanish system to ensure that workers (or those who have met the requirements) the protection and assistance in the event of unemployment, sickness, retirement or other reasons that prevent them from working. It is certainly one of the most important documents, it is necessary to work, pension contributions, the family doctor, the employment agency, for public competitions, etc ...

There are two ways to get it: if you have a job will direct your company to give you "de alta", that is, to the recognition that assigns the number of SS, otherwise you'll have to take you to the Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social in your area. Features of membership in the SS: Whoever starts a job in Spain must apply for the membership number to Social Security. Membership is:

  • Mandatory for all persons included in the system of SS with the rights and obligations in its mode contribution (ie the amount you pay each month with the paycheck and the money that you receive in the event of illness, retirement, etc ... In short, a sort of our INPS). • Unique and general for all functions of the system.
  • It extends throughout the life of the people included in the system.
  • Exclusive. The Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social de Seguridad Social assign a number to each citizen for the purpose of being able to identify in its relations with this system. The Número de Seguridad Social, for affiliates coincides with your membership number.

How to apply for the number of Social Security: The membership of the Social Security can be achieved in the following ways: • At the request of the employer: The company is obliged to request affiliation to the SS system for those who are not yet affiliated and start working for them.

  • At the request of the worker: Self-employed people who start a business as such, are required to join. Similarly, employees whose employer has an obligation to rispettao affiliarli, may apply for membership on their own.
  • In office: Membership is Affected parties can make office by the provincial Tesorería General of the SS, as a result of an inspection of work or other procedures which prove the breach of the obligation to apply for membership by the worker or the employer.