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Anaga Rural Park

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Northeast of the Santa Cruz have the mountains of Anaga, classified as Natural Park in 1987 for its great ecological value and subsequently was rated Rural Park in 1994.
The Anaga massif is a space that rises rapidly from sea level to almost a thousand meters. From this central cordillera out sharp ridges and deep ravines that lead to the sea, leading to a variety of microclimates and flora, with abundant endemic.
The formation of Anaga, following a period of intense volcanic activity dating back 6.5 million years and is one of the few global reserves of laurel forest, native vegetation of the tertiary period and that is a very important resource as the provision of water throughout the area. Other vegetation also grows in Anaga, and small pockets of thermophilic forests and extensions spurges hosting quirky animal species such as laurel pigeons.
In Anaga is possible to observe the "sea of clouds" weather phenomenon that originates in the foothills of the mountains as a result of trade winds, frequent mists and high humidity.
The human landscape of the area is linked to agriculture, livestock and fishing activities. People here preserves the customs and traditions inherited from the past, such as handicrafts. They still produce wicker baskets and palm, rosettes and drafts.