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Edaqua Tenerife

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Edaqua is a young company that distributes Natural Mineral Water Quality through the Spanish geography, satisfying the thirst of our consumers.
Edaqua mineral water is a very weak mineralization with a dry residue of 19mg / L.
Water with this mineralization are used as "Water regime" are recommended for the preparation of infant food for diets out Sodium and is also ideal for athletes, lactation, ect.
Water Edaqua is hypo-sodium diuretic, which is defined as a low-sodes.
Diets low in sodium are indicated for those who have high blood pressure, heart problems, associated with alterations and liquids reteción kidney disease (causes  diuresis, wash up tissues and is involved in preveción and removal of kidney stones).
Mineral                               Value (mg / L)
Dry residue at 180 ° C      23
Bicardonatos                     <1.2
Sulfates                              <1.0
Chloride                              4.5
Calcium                              0.8
Magnesium                        0.5
Sodium                               2.4
Silica                                   9.1
Laboratory Oliver Rodes 2013.
In addition to natural mineral water sold Edaqua Seawater (Edemar).
Edemar extracted in the Natural Park "Cabo de Gata" home to countless species and great biodiversity.
Conserve and you approach the purity of the largest source of vita "sea", so you can give your dishes that special and unique touch that only a diverse medium as the sea can give.
Use the seawater at therapeutically, including thalassotherapy. It also is widely used in the kitchen for cooking seafood, fish, potatoes and vegetables.
Coming soon Momentum Café from Italy, combines the purity of an intense and unique flavor to the concept of time for a MOMENTUM in your workdaily.
Momentum is a unique cafè prepared by Edaqua for the enjoyment of the palate.
Even if a consumer Edaqua Tenerife sidesteps him into their dealer network product with a quality unbeatable price.
Natural Mineral Water has the lowest solid residue marks in Spain.
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