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Costa Martiánez Complex

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It can be said without equivocation that the Municipal Tourist Complex Costa Martiánez is one of the most admired examples of coastal transformation positive .
 It covers a total area of ​​approximately 50,000 m2 and is since creation aesthetic and technical reference for cultural and landscape integration in the leisure sector . Many other municipalities followed in the wake canaries and ideology marked by the artist César Manrique universal in terms of environmental respect and values ​​and incorporating elements of our landscape.
The first stage of the project is in the area of municipal pools subsequently known as the trade winds. Engineers Juan José Luís Alfredo Amigo and headed Olcina technical section while the creative and artistic projection materializes César Manrique who seek to adapt the work to the spirit of traditional Canarian architecture , incorporating natural elements of native flora with original and innovative sculptures . An example of this is the phone known as " The trade winds " and " cuttlefish " (squid ) that aside from its artistic value is a particularly attractive element in the play of children in the children's pool .
The pools were opened in 1971, occupying 8,000 m2 and integrating two swimming pools for adults and one for children, bar " The trade winds " and " The Island" , together with other units and technical- mechanical facilities for filling the pool with water sea, which are perfectly concealed with the artistic nature of the work.
Following the success of the first phase of the City of Puerto de la Cruz decides to tackle another even more ambitious phase maintaining the cast and crew , and work began in 1975 and inaugurated on April 30, 1977 .
The project involves the creation of an artificial lake of seawater as a vast emerald green surrounded by sun decks , beaches and gardens. The artificial lake with its inner islands covers an area of ​​33,000 m² ( fully reclaimed from the sea ) , of which 15,000 correspond to the liquid surface.
Inside the lake five natural islands were formed , in most of which a resort that occupies 2,000 m2 which is a benchmark in engineering , having a grounded low sea level structure, which was completed and set was constructed by Cesar Manrique artistically . In this Central Island was conceived at first a living underground parties, which now houses the Casino Game of the city so far is located in the traditional Hotel Taoro . The rest of the central island includes a fancy restaurant a grill and other complementary facilities.
Other highlights of the Lake Martiánez is mobile sculpture as well as the entry entitled "Homage to the Sea" , an impressive work of eighty feet long and eight high located inside the wading pool that remembers its forms the waves. To this is attached a variety of bars , restaurants and kiosks that makes the resort one of the most visited entertainment centers of the island.
It is also noted that throughout the set , designed with great artistic intuition , has achieved a harmonious and friendly atmosphere by small and cozy corners with successful ornamental details , among which may be mentioned native plants .
Declared of Cultural Interest, the Martiánez Complex has become its own right in one of the most prominent signs of identity of the tourist vocation of Puerto de la Cruz . Good few dates of their facilities were improved and makes rejuvenated , while maintaining all the spirit and details César Manrique devised .
Its attractions , excellent sanitary conditions , environment and climate that accompanies it make you visit every year hundreds of thousands of visitors who show their appreciation for those special moments of relaxation experienced in this different environment.
Address: Avenida Colon s / n.
Phone: 922 385 955 .
Timetable: winters 10 to 18 h. summer and 10 to 19 h .