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Tenerife and the Canary Islands are well known and popular with holiday-makers because of the wonderful weather to be found there with plenty of sunshine more or less guaranteed but occasionally a strange weather phenomenon known as “calima”

affects the islands bringing extremely hot temperatures and lowered visibility from air-borne dust.
Calimas are caused by dust storms that have been stirred up by high winds in the Sahara desert and are then blown over to the Canary Islands by southeasterly winds.
The very fine sand and dust particles cause the air to become difficult to see through for any distance thick and the appearance and visibility is like what you get during a thick fog. The difference being that in fog it is cool and damp but in a calima it is hot and dry.
During the time a calima is over the island, every surface will get covered in fine reddish brown dust, which is a great annoyance to car-owners and people who are house-proud. The dust can also seriously affect the health of people with breathing conditions like asthma and bronchitis.
Many people find the temperatures unbearable too and whilst the warm weather is an attraction of the Canary Islands, the sort of heat generated by a calima can prove to be very unpleasant, especially if the phenomenon lasts for days.