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VI bluefish gastronomic exhibition

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, time 18 to 23 hours in the "Muelle y la lonja pesquera de Los Abrigos".
19th april till 3th May, have VI Gastronomic Show also dedicated to bluefish, and where the restaurants of the town are involved.
On this occasion participate Virxe da Barca, White Horse, Twenty 04 Surf Café, Maracujá, Flash Point, La Marea, Yaisara and El Rinconcito, which offer exquisite tapas like fried babyoctopus with wrinkled potatoes; Tataky tuna with seaweed little salad, crusty bread and ponzu sauce; minituna burger; roasted mackerel with paprika; tuna ceviche; arepas stuffed with marinated tuna with avocado sauce; sardines stuffed boiled mojo panerotto tuna salad.
In this edition of Chasna Mencey, Tomás Frías González, Chasna Winery, Casmi, Cumbres de Abona, San Pedro Hernández Tejera and Borondón participating wineries, all belonging to the Denomination of Origin Abona.
Also scheduled, starting at 18:30 am on Saturday, a briefing on Fishing gear, by Manuel Diaz Marcelino, president of the Association of Fishermen of Granadilla and  live show cooking by chef Juan Carlos Clemente and cooks from some restaurants: Los Roques, Caballo Blanco and El Templete. All paired with wines from OD Payable and an expert sommelier.
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